We have set up multiple environments to ensure that we are able to handle the feedback that might come, in this section we will go through how you can provide feedback on your experience, and as such help us to improve the product.

From your website

When you are at your administration panel, on your Wordpress installation you can go to Feedback in the submenu of, from there you can see some minor statistics on earlier feedback and the ability to write to us directly from the backend of the installation.

This will hopefully yield a great communication gateway to improve the theme further.

From our webshop

On our website you can navigate to the contact us page, and from there you can choose the fitting situation for you and write to us directly. We strive to answer the mails within 48-72 hours. Implementation of the feedback depends on how critical it is and how many users are affected. That being said, if its something that is needed for many, we will make it.