Frequently asked questions

In this section we will go through frequently asked questions, and give answers that have helped others at some other point, which might be able to help in the current problem you are facing.

  • Can I use with other plugins? Yes you can.

  • Is compatible with Woocommerce? Yes, is built to run with Woocommerce.

  • Where can I find my licenses? You can find them on our webshop, under your account page, here.

  • How often does my license have to renew? Once a year - to keep the features that need external help to run.

  • How often are you releasing? Smaller, minor releases are pushed monthly. Major release dates are given out some time before it's released.

  • Can I extend the theme? Yes, to learn more please go here.

  • I need help - Where can I post a support ticket? You can do that by going here.